This page lists some of my projects in computer graphics and media technology from the years of me studying at Linköping University. These are both course projects and free time projects.

In this project, elastic materials were simulated as mass-spring-damper systems. Basically a set of particles combined with springs. By changing parameters, like spring constants and damper constants, the material behaves differently.

We were four students working together in this project as a part of the Modeling Project course at Linköping Univerity and I contributed with the following:

  • Setting up a build environment.
  • High level program structure
  • Simple ODE solver
  • Modeling of forces acting on particles
  • Indexing of springs and dampers connectivity
  • Triangle indexing for correct rendering
  • Setting up a rendering pipeline in OpenGL
  • GLSL shader programming

Test implementation

First, the system was implemented in Matlab as a proof of concept. The project evolved from a simulation in 1D followed by 2D in Matlab and was then ported to C++ where OpenGL was used for graphics.

1D simulation in Matlab.

2D simulation in Matlab.

2D simulation in C++.

3D simulation in C++.