This page lists some of my projects in computer graphics and media technology from the years of me studying at Linköping University. These are both course projects and free time projects.

A graphics engine I have been working on using C++ and OpenGL. This is a demonstration of a deferred renderer with multiple render targets. Materials and geometries are rendered to an FBO which gets fed in to a pipeline where light and reflections are added.

Using the "metalness" PBR workflow. Fresnel effect using Schlicks approximation for dielectrics, approximating metals by setting R0 to the albedo of the material.

The last step in the pipeline is post processing where HDR-blooming and depth of field based on physical camera parameters are performed.

Running on Macbook Pro mid 2012, NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB.

PBR Materials from:
Cube maps from:

Future Plans

HDR image based lighting and tone mapping. Screen space ambient occlusion. Screen space reflections. Screen space cast shadows and / or shadow mapping.

Github repo: